Come on in! The Water is Fine!

We all exist in an ocean of Joy, Love, Abundance and Freedom. We are all in perfect harmony and peace with all the other atoms in the ocean. Imagine your happiest most fulfilling experience and magnify it a million times over. This is our actual existence.

In our first lifetime, we are given a little boat to maneuver around in. This is our ego. It is meant to assist us to gain perspective on the vastness of our life. But it creates a sense of separation within us. We believe we are not part of the ocean but alone, invisible and unloved.

We outgrow the need for the boat. It becomes a hindrance. But the fear of being submerged without it is terrifying. So we keep riding around. The sense of separation and loneliness become unbearable. We bump into the other boats as a way to ease the isolation. We are desperate to feel connected.

There comes a point when we realize that there is no joy in damaging the other boats. There is more pleasure in helping others. We help them fix their boat. We have compassion for them being so dependent on their boat. It distracts us from realizing how dependent we are on ours. We get caught up in patching up the other boats and end up splashing around in the ocean. Some happily swim away from their boat to assist others. They are so enthralled in helping others that they hardly notice.

Before we realize it, we are freestyling in the infinite ocean of Joy, Love, Abundance and Freedom. It is then we are equipped to reflect infinite joy, love abundance and freedom back to others. We may still have a boat but it is obvious that we swim freely at will. Our confidence and Love shine through. When we are consumed with kindness, it is the same as saying “come on in, the water is fine!”

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