Code of Ethics for a Light Worker

The reason someone is able to tune into the subtle energies of healing is because they have been tested in their abilities and commitment to bring Love and Light to the world in it’s purest form. It is a Sacred Honor. In the moment of service, there is such a divine sense of Peace that a person needs to hold themselves in this state of reverence. It is part of the subtle training to not allow the ego take over. (One subtle cue that the ego is involved is when the facilitator takes credit for what transpires.)

The code of ethics for a Light Worker needs to be adhered to stringently to stay pure. They consistently need to be dedicated to something beyond themselves. The ego has many ways of seeping into the work. Once someone starts feeling superior in any subtle way, the Light Work is diluted.

Overcoming the ego is a difficult task because so many Light Workers have been invalidated for so long. The pain that a Light Worker has endured; either in this life or a past life; to get to the point of their skills is tremendous. It is to their credit that they have transcended the need to burden others with the history of their trials

Here are some simple basics for Light Workers. Although integrity can’t be mandated, may these help others find their own inner guidelines. Maybe they will help everyone see the Light Worker within themselves because everyone is a Light Worker!

Never Think Or Wish Bad Thoughts About Someone

Never imagine bad things happening to anyone. Either you believe your thoughts have power or you don’t. You can’t chose to send out loving thoughts to one and wish anyone else ill will. It is a form of abuse of the trust that you have been bestowed.

Never Use Your Abilities Or the Esteem Others May Have For Your Gifts To Manipulate Or Gain Favor

Avoid this in every way. To do so is a violation of a sacred trust.

Never Foretell the Future

This is a mistake that many novices make. The future is what the individual makes it and by telling them absolutes about the future, you are locking them into a course of action of your choosing. You may be vague and tell them of possible events to encourage them but only as encouragement.

Every Session Is For the Client

The facilitator is to keep their problems and issues away from the client.  The client is NEVER to be put in the position of fulfilling the facilitator’s needs.

Never Ever Inflict Fear On a Client

Social insights as to coming disaster individually or globally is not helpful and not accurate. Everything is subject to change and vantage point. Many insights are shaded by the facilitator’s own insights and past experiences. Instilling any form of fear on a client takes them out of the present moment and is detrimental.

Observe the Law of Silence

Facilitators must not talk about anything but the client in a session or beyond. The client is formulating a new healthy reality as a base and it is unethical to contaminate that with past history or problems.

Remain Neutral

The facilitator is to remain neutral and uplifting and know themselves to such an extent that they know when they are inflicting an opinion on their client. Everything they say and do should cause no “gut reaction” in themselves. They should tune in to everything to make certain it causes no reaction in their own energy system.

Speak in Plain Language

The use of buzz words and jargon is counterproductive. It only serves to alienate those who aren’t familiar with or don’t feel comfortable with such terms. Talk in plain language. Your responsibility is to create a bridge for better understanding and awareness of everything possible in the Universe without compartmentalizing anything.

Be Loving and Kind

The Love is a conduit. If you have a strong feeling or opinion about a client, you may not be the right facilitator for that person. For the sake of honesty recommend someone else as a facilitator. This will establish goodwill between you, the person in need and other Light Workers. It’s the best way to foster a great healing environment for all.

Value Your Work

It is spiritual law that everyone must pay for what they receive. You must value your work enough and be disciplined enough to set up some sort of exchange in value for your work. It is a fallacy that you must give it away for free. By diminishing your own work, you diminish it’s own effectiveness and all other Light workers.

Do Give Back In Some Way

But do so for gratitude for your gifts not because you need to prove your talents to others. Never allow yourself to be manipulated into giving your skills away.

Always Trust Your Own Instincts

Become so self reliant within yourself that others opinions can’t waiver your core belief system.

Be Detached

Don’t expect to be validated after the session. The window of understanding and respect opens up for a moment but don’t expect this window to stay open. It is a spontaneous, random exchange. Be grateful when it happens and then move on.

Never Diminish Another’s Work

Especially to a client. If there is an unethical Light Worker, they must be dealt with in a different way. Unless they are criminal, their transgressions will be revealed by their behavior. The seekers have become so savvy that they will spot someone working from ego. Maintain your loving stance in dealing with all; even those who are still learning their craft and overcoming their own issues.

Tune In Before Each Session To the Universal Love

Do this in any way you choose. To tune in to the Love prevents the session from being done from a place of ego.

Cleanse Yourself After Each Session

Cleanse yourself in a way that assures you that you are free any affects of your clients.  Always monitor yourself for thoughts and feelings that feel foreign to your core belief so you can understand where they came from to prevent being affected by others in the future.

Stay Focused

During a session, refuse to allow your mind to wander to any thoughts of others including pets. Everything that happens in a session needs to be about the client and this includes your thoughts.

Stay Grounded

Find Light Workers that you respect to work on you when you feel you need assistance. Spending time around others who are unimpressed with your talents but enjoy you as a friend are a great way to stay grounded. If you are feeling too immersed in your work, go to the mall or somewhere else where there is a lot of others and balance out by just being present doing the ordinary. It may be just the thing to bring relief.

Maintain a Sense Of Order In Your Work Space and Life

A gauge that you are overwhelmed or not remaining detached is by the cleanliness standards that you are able to maintain. Sometimes balancing out is as simple as cleaning a messy room.

Don’t Judge

Everyone is a Light Worker. The more you see them as such, the more it will help them manifest their healing gifts. The less you judge them the more you empower them.


I am certain that volumes could be shared on how to maintain one’s Light and Love. It is good to think about this and write ideas down. Put a little attention on them for one’s self but it is also good to not mandate the spontaneity and Love out of anything.

Realize that everyone is human and working on their issues as much as possible. Instead of being critical of other Light workers, merely be grateful for their company on the road to the heart of Love.