Client and I Chat about Reading Energy

…Let me ask you this. How so do you read energy?

With the heart. I love the person I am interacting with and want to help them so much that I am given insight into their pain so that I can assist. It is gentle when it can be and tough when I need to stay in my center. But it is just the love.


Yes. It is as natural as us talking.

But how are you given insight? Hope you don’t mind me asking, I’m just trying to understand the process.

It is an observation. It is like being acutely aware of what is going on. Maybe at one time it was for survival but now I use it to help people. It is concentrated observation. It is no different from you paying attention to all that is happening in your environment, except all that I am observing is happening in one person.

I think I understand. One more question. How do you stop yourself from doing this…in other words is there a process you have to do to tap into this info (and if it is just a deep observation on someone you love, how do you not just automatically see these things when you are relating to a person)?

It is a matter of self-discipline to not invade another beings psychic space. I think I am able to help others in this way because I am well aware of spiritual law and the importance of having the highest integrity. It would be like asking anyone else, how do you know how not to gossip? Or asking them, how do they know not to harm others. There is no joy or return in violating someone. If I cause pain or gratuitous discomfort to another, I will feel it worse than they will.

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