Cleanse the World

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In your imagination, visualize the world as a round room covered with shag carpeting. Each separate piece of shag represents a person. Now visualize coming in with an industrial strength vacuum cleaner and vacuum the carpet on the world.


See it pulling out tick ingrained dust and debris. See it cleansing each fiber of each piece of shag. Get into every nook and crack. See it look like a new carpet again. See it cleaner than you have ever seen it be. Because know that as the dust and debris enters the vacuum cleaner, it is processed back into divine love and returned to the world in te process.


This is pulling out great issues from the world, psychic influence, manipulation, ingrained fear and power plays. It is freeing all of humanity on such a deep level. Notice how doing this technique for the world, gives you a jolt of mental clarity and well-being. Of course you are one of the little pieces of shag as well as the driver of the vacuum cleaner.


Do this technique often. Do it so often that it becomes automatic.. The more you program your self to do this, the more you benefit the world that you live in.

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