Cleaning the Body’s Filter

The Liver filters out fat and toxins from the body. It also filters the subtle energies that are released when one facilitates energy work. It is important to cleanse the filter just as it is important to clean the filter of the dryer. If one has trouble losing weight, feels tired after interactions with others, or has a pain in the upper right side of their torso, they may want to cleanse the liver.

A great way to clean the liver is by eating pomegranates. Pomegranates are naturally astringent and cut through the mucus. They burn more calories than they contain in eating them. Also, they have a property that actually regenerate liver tissue. Since they are food, there are no side effects to using this as a cleanse.

To eat them, gently peel the outside without breaking the little pearls of flesh inside. There will be sections of pearls inside. Gently pull apart the sections and gently eat the pearls of flesh. They may stain your fingers or clothes, but it is well worth it to benefit from their healing properties.

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