Choosing Love

What if you had some one out there who was the Love of Your life many times.  The mere thought of them brought you such joy and being separated made you wilt with sadness.  What if they came to you beyond time and space and said,”I can’t be your lover in this life but I want to be near you…as close as possible. I want to feel your body in a totally different way.  I want to feel totally protected and safe in your arms and to be free to express who I am more completely than I ever have.  Will you help me?  Will you make room for me in your life? Can you love me in a different way?  I may not be in a perfect body. I have lessons to learn. You said at one point that you would do anything you could for me. Would you do this for me? Would you be my parent?

What if your Love came to you in a dream and said, “It is too stressful to be human but I so desperately want to be with you. If I come to you in a different form, will you take care of me?  It may be stressful to find you so I may develop bad habits. But once I feel the security of your home I will do my best to please you. We may not be able to understand each other at first but we will remember how good it is to be together. Will you rescue me from a shelter? In return I will love you with my whole being. Will you even recognize me if I come to you in an Animal body?”

Is there someone out there waiting to be Loved by You?
Is there someone already in your life that you have forgotten who they really are and how special your relationship is?

The mundane process of daily living sometimes causes us to shut down on all the possibilities. Remember how exciting it was when we were children and there was a new adventure around every corner? The adventures are still there but they take a more subjective form. The truth is that we have all lived and Loved beyond this world. The key is to remember the Love and remember who we are as eternal beings and ambassadors of Love.

There are always ways to bring new adventures into our life. It is by stretching our capacity to Love. No one ever expands their world by playing it safe and shutting down the possibilities. The Love that is right around the corner may be the Love that you have been waiting for your whole life. If you suspend the restrictions you put on Love, then you yourself will not be limited by those restrictions.

It is your choice. As with anything else, it is always your choice.