Choosing Love

When I went through massage therapy school, one of the instructors told the class NOT to give the client their best work because then the client will get better and then they wont need their services any more. I always thought this was wrong. This is the way to stay stuck. By holding back any of your gifts, training or Love to receptive recipients, you are denying yourself the opportunity to upgrade.

If I would have listened to that instructor, so many people would be deprived the assistance that I give in the subjective realms. Don’t be afraid to transcend your own skill set. There will always be some one who will fill your old shoes and you will be walking into a fresh pair of shoes of your making.

Life is always more exciting and rewarding when one gives it all they have in the way that they enjoy serving. Always do whatever you do for love’s sake and don’t fall into the trap of fear; fear of being different, fear of failing, fear of loss or a million other classifications of fear that your mind can create. It is all about Love or fear. The more we choose love, the more we encourage others to do the same.

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