A man came to me who was dealing with grave issues that were getting in the way of his quality of life. Two of them were: extreme panic attacks and extreme fear of hospitals or anything of a medical nature. Also he had this aversion to being a parent.

It took many sessions to peel away an underlying lifetime. I saw how difficult it was for him to get himself to work in this life and how it mimicked the same difficulty in a past life. But in the past lifetime he had definite reasons for not wanting to venture out.

In a past life he was Jewish in a German occupied country. He was in hiding with his children. They had started rounding up Jews and putting them in camps. He knew of this and was relatively safe in hiding as long as he didn’t venture out.

If it was just him, he could go months without supplies but the children needed food regularly. He knew if he ventured out, he could be arrested on the spot. But his children were hungry and watching them go without was unbearable. One day he struggled with this very dilemma, to go out and risk the consequences or to stay in hiding and watch his children be hungry. (this struggle at the front door played out in his present life daily).

He was picked up by the Nazis when going out for supplies and never saw his children again. He was taken to a camp where they used him for torturous medical experiments. Leaving the house, being put in a position of needing to be around medical staff or the thought of having children, all triggered that horrific lifetime.

The good new is that when the pain is great enough, one is willing to look outside their comfort zone for relief. When everything is being done from a western medicine point of view, and issues still exist; I am very happy and grateful that my validation of past trauma and releasing its stagnant effect on the body brings back a quality of life to those who are open to sessions with me.

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