Changing Perspective

I have a friend who Loves Birds. She feeds and loves the wild birds to their heart’s content. She also collects owls. Recently I was visiting in her back yard and saw that she had put one of her larger owl statues outside her house overlooking the bird feeder. It was a lovely statue but in that position it looked very menacing to me.

“Do owls prey on other birds?” I asked. With a new set of eyes, my friend saw what I saw. The owl statue had a threatening look about it from the vantage point of a bird. It was actually warding the birds off. My friend said that she wondered why she wasn’t getting as many birds visit as usual. Her owl statue was creating interference.

There are so many ways that we ward off our own blessings. We may be clueless to our own sabotage. When things don’t go our way, we think that someone must be interfering with our happiness. But if we tune in daily to our own innate wisdom, we will realize the situations that can be avoided that leave us feeling unloved and threatened by the “owls” in our life.

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