Challenging Core Beliefs

In a session with a young woman, a core belief was revealed that was affecting her interaction with people and her whole life. She was very beautiful. But she did not realize how beautiful she was. In fact, she assumed that she was not attractive and that everyone who saw her, instantly judged her.

She was bi-racial. She had grown up with the belief that she would be instantly rejected. This belief bled over from past lives and she incarnated into a situation that would support it. The problem was that it was so ingrained that it didn’t even occur to her to look at it as a false concept. Our session was the time to challenge it as not true.

Looking at all her interactions in this lifetime, it was clear that the woman; as a defense mechanism; was actually judging others before they could judge her. This was her innate means of preventing herself from feeling the pain of rejection. But she was also keeping a lot of great interaction at bay.

When she could finally see that she was in fact the one pushing people away, it was a dynamic moment. She was then able to agree to shift those dynamics and break down the walls and remove some of the masks she was wearing. It gave her much more freedom to allow people to love her.

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