What if people are affected by our thoughts of them? What if they can feel them? I believe they do. Try it out. Tell someone telepathically as they walk by that they are beautiful. Watch them respond in some slight way. This is universal.

If someone can sense your thoughts as they walk by, then someone else who is miles away can sense your thoughts as well. Have you ever been thinking of someone and then they called? They “heard” you.

Most of us know this concept by now. So we have an awareness and understanding of it. The fact that we are aware gives us more responsibility in the matter than those who are unaware. This is because there is more substance to something when it is intentional.

That is why it is not okay to trash someone, wish harm or demonize another just because they don’t know us. When we are aware of the power of thoughts and then we put out unworthy ones, we are dabbling in the black arts. Yes.

When anyone consciously wishes any one harm or ill will, it shows a lack of integrity or self-discipline. What is worse is someone who knows their thoughts carry weight and substance, yet still put them out there to see a particular outcome.

If one doesn’t condone something, the best use of their energy is to withdraw it completely. Just like in the Harry Potter books…the reason they didn’t say the name Voldemort was to not give him any energy to use for his cause. Only speak and think about the things that matter to you or else you are giving your energy to an unworthy cause.

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