18 September, 2017 19:49

Mind Loop When I was imprisoned, there was that first moment of disbelief that this was happening. On the surface I was calm and obedient but inside the mind was scrambling to make sense of it. It was reworking every corner of the scenario to find a loop hole and to figure out what was the course of action that would get me free. It was my mind taking action because my body was unable to help itself. I have seen that thought pattern happening in clients. In some it may be the cause of their panic attacks. It seems like their mind is in a loop that was created by a horrific scenario in a past life. They may forget all the trauma that they endured but they bring the mind loop into this life. The mind loop seems to have no purpose but it does. It is trying to keep the body safe at all costs. The mind is privy to all the unconscious memories. It is doing all that it can to prevent the body from getting in the same predicament as it was in before. What needs to be done is to heal the wounds from […]

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The Upgrade to Healing

Attending Jen Ward’s first Healing Retreat this past May has me fervently looking forward to the next one in September.  It’s a kind of paradise to discover the oasis of truths she shares. “Energy healing” is something we all experience with our warm regard of the beauties and pleasures of life. My strategies and focus on well-being in general is to align with healing spiritual principles or “laws”, monitor and redirect more than occasional negative or defeating thoughts, while also faithfully expecting and relying on favorable outcomes in all my dealings with life. And the recognition of God’s love comes with the wonders of children and flowers and color and kittens and vibrant storms… the same for many other people? These contentments work well for me, until they don’t.  Sometimes a build-up of deeply lodged emotional denials (past life) seem to seek due recognition from further necessity in guarding the fortress. A few years ago I made a connection on FB with and now enjoy Jen’s many books and new website  These address all my inward asking for help from God or source.  She says it best with her prolific and informative essays covering energetic healing and personal […]

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Love's Appeal

  Tell me I don’t matter Tell me you don’t care Tell me its all bullshit That you’re not really there   Tell me there’s no freedom That everything’s a lie Carelessly chuckle and walk away As you watch me die   Or…   Tell me there is purpose In all we say and do Give me reason to believe In Love, in life, in you   Plant a garden with your words Make each day a song Give all a reason to exist Tell all they belong   Give all purpose, don all truths Make all scenarios win/win From the ashes of defeat Sprouts of providence begin   See Peace, when others envision war Talk advantage when others spout loss Risk vulnerability and feeling raw Show kindness at every cost   Encourage, enlighten, visualize, unfold Empathize, appreciate, heal Cater to one’s higher truth To deliver Love’s appeal   It doesn’t really matter What you say or do As long as you act from the depth of Love And know that place is you.   Jen Ward 6/27/14

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