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Emerging from the Mist

Book Cover - Emerging from the Mist

Jen’s newest book, Emerging from the Mist is available here:

Book Signing

Mother’s Day Retreat

The Movement of Jen- A Magnification of your Own Potential

I am thrilled at getting my book to break ground through the current social climate. It is a day of celebration for the world. I mean that not in an egotistical way of course because, as so many of you know me, it is all about the reader and the world. The book and the […]

World Salvation

People think what they are seeing in politics is new. Politics are what they always have been. The illusion of their grandeur has been pulled off. The facade that has immersed people in fear and control is being pierced and dissipated. The layers of dross and confusion that have kept people from knowing; let alone […]