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Bird Whisperer

I started doing a remote healing session with someone and was distracted by the birds arguing in the background on their end of the phone. Apparently there was one bird disgruntled because a neighbor bird moved too close and was taking all the good food. I did a release on the bird and explained to him this is the life he was given and this is where his happiness is. It seemed to help. A few minutes later we heard harmonious singing.

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The Second Session

I don’t remember all my clients. There is so much information flowing through that it seems impossible to keep track unless they come to me regularly. And even then I sometimes have trouble. It varies from client to client. I have this regular client with which it has become a Running amusement. As many sessions as she has done with me, I always just blank her out and have to ask if it is her first session with me. But as soon as I remember what occurred in one session, I remember everything. It is like I keep invisible notes on the session. Most clients don’t mind and actually prefer this. I was starting a session and had this client on the phone and I asked her if she ever had a session with me. She had. In this session, she said that wanted to focus on her dynamics with her husband and child. I tried to remember her so I asked what we had worked on before. She told me the session was over three years ago. She had come to me because she wasn’t having any periods at all and it was a concern. But now she was coming […]

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Testimonial for Retreat

I remember in the early days of Eckankar; feeling all the love in just being around total strangers that felt like lifetime friends. We didn’t have to have any thing in common. We were connected by our desire for truth and to live beyond a convention that was stifling. I remember attending the seminars and absolutely falling in love with everyone I met. I could talked to anyone in attendance and let my guard down because the love was so incredible that there was nothing to defend. I felt such freedom and happiness that I made it a priority to go to as many Seminars as possible so I could experience the love and truth. But something happened along the way. I still was devoted to the teachings but the priority changed within them. It was a subtle change but it became about supporting the drive to reach seekers rather than to support the ones already present in the group. There was a subtle pressure to volunteer. Because isn’t that where the love is? But the more I gave, the less I felt that original ambiance of unconditional acceptance and higher consciousness. Even the talks became more about sharing the […]

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Healing isn’t a Secret Any More

    Just MY Fitness, Inc hosted a Healing Demonstration on Thursday May 4, conducted by Jen Ward. From my interaction with her one day a few weeks ago, having only met her in passing at our center, she asked if I would consider being one of the people she could work on…and…that she could heal the issues with my ovaries and intestine (longstanding emotional pain was the factor she said). First of all….no one outside my very close circle of friends knows of my medical history. And they do NOT know Jen. So….hmmmm! Yes, my abdomen issues continue to worsen over the years and have gotten so uncomfortable that I refrain from going out, prefer not to dine out anywhere as my tummy always feel full and I get so bloated even from drinking water! I am often so fatigued I need a midday nap before revving up for evening sessions. This is NOT how Kathy McClare used to LIVE life. Numerous medical tests over the years would conclude numerous things, but to no avail. The problem would not resolve. To have her immediately address this upon our first meeting…I was certainly in agreement with her request to be […]

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The Human Holodeck

Each person is like a living, breathing holodeck, that programs its reality as it goes A holodeck is a room from the Sci- Fic TV Show StarTrek-Next Generation. It is a room that you program to have any experience that you desire.. The reality that we see is one that has been programmed for us by past generations of individuals and groups with an agenda. Groups are holodeck too. They exist by collecting the capabilities of individual halodecks and using them to augment their own capabilities. The problem is that most people don’t realize that they are a holodeck and even if they did, their programming is fixed on antiquated limitations. They are stuck on conformity, mistrust, programmed with rhetoric and idealism that does nothing for their personal growth but allows holodeck groups to use them to support their agenda. What is wonderful about what is happening in present times is that the programing that the holodecks have been given is so ridiculous and stifling that other holodecks are seeing through the thin facade of being programmed and are opting out. But you can’t tell another holodeck that their programming is obsolete. They will get flustered and will close down even more […]

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