Calming the Fussy Baby

Some people are very sensitive to energy. They feel a warmth in their body, or a magnetic feeling, or chills. These are all ways that the senses process something that exists but at such a subtle level that many don’t understand it. It really isn’t that subtle if one focuses on being more aware of it.

One day I had the opportunity to hold a newborn. She was a very fussy baby and her parents were worn out. As soon as she was put in my hands, I realized why some babies are miserable. Her little body was buzzing like a live wire. It is difficult to describe the sensation better than she felt like this explosive electrical feed was throbbing inside her.

Unbeknownst to anyone present, I grounded her little energy. I can not really explain the process. I wrapped her whole energy in calming peaceful energy until it dissipated the buzzing and she yawned and fell asleep. After that, she was a much calmer baby and she could sleep through the nights and comfort herself better.

If you experience a fussy baby, be really calm when holding them. Some people get nervous when the baby is anxious and this merely exacerbates the babies ill ease. Visualize the two of you as energies. Their energy may be very anxious. Make your Love and calmness so enormous, that when you hold the baby next to you, they are engulfed in love and calm. This will be a lasting calm that you are giving the baby by grounding its angst.

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