Blooming Dancer

My niece brought her best friend to see me. Her friend had extreme scoliosis and was in a lot of pain. She LOVED dancing but the pain was getting in the way. The doctors told her that she was going to have to give it up. This was heartbreaking to her.

She laid on my massage table and unfurling her spine was the easiest thing to do. I was very surprised to see how easily it fell into alignment. She had been a regular at the chiropractic’s office, so this wasn’t an adjustment of the bones. Her whole energy was now aligned in her body. I don’t even remember the emotional issues we released. I only remember how well she responded.

We were both in awe; it really didn’t register with me as much; the incredible pain she had just overcome because in my mind, I always saw her as perfect. She never had to give up dancing. She is now a young adult and one of her passions is teaching her Zumba class.

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