A dear woman contacted me. Her husband was in critical health and they wanted my assistance. I did a remote session with the man immediately as the woman stood nearby. He struggled to listen to everything I was telling him; as the woman told me later; he was rolling his eyes and impatient. Yet we made a time to talk the next day.

When we did talk again, he was more attentive and hung on every word. He told me that he is usually restless at night but after his session he slept better than he had in 20 years. With the sessions, he had a new outlook and when his children visited, they got to see the man that they remembered before the struggle of health.

I continued to do sessions with him. I mentioned, “There is something between yourself and your father. It pulls on you. What is that about?”

He immediately knew what I was talking about and was eager to explain that he was stupid and young and it should never have happened. It still bothered him. But then I had him look at how he loves his sons. I helped him realize that his father knew he loved him and wanted him to forgive himself because he already had.

We scanned the lives of his grandchildren. He wanted to know that they would grow up to be happy. We tuned in to each child. I told him that he had a Native American spirit guide. He was aware of it. I told him his spirit name. It was Birdman. I wasn’t aware then of his special affinity with birds and how they would respond to him and he had rescued many of them over the years. The name Birdman resonated with him.

His physical health took a turn for the worse. In the hospital, he was on oxygen and could not speak. He mimed to his wife to take his wedding ring. She argued with him and he insisted. He mimed with his hands an image of a bird flying away. He was Birdman. She called me and asked me to do another session on her husband. I told her that he wanted me to do a session with her. She cried and energetically I stepped back as his energy hugged her and comforted her. He crossed shortly afterwards.

Immediately after his passing, the family had so many experiences with birds that it was a great distraction from the grief. The husband had a great sense of humor. One time a baby bird fell out of the sky into the yard of the couple’s son. It was stunned but fine. It was amusing for the woman to hear the young grandchildren tell her that they just fed grandpa a worm.

The woman called me one day in her grief. I asked her if she wanted to know about the other lifetimes where she had left him first. She was stunned. She thought it was over. She thought the love and connection ended. To know that their love extended beyond the death of the physical body uplifted her. She now wanted to make him proud.

I taught her many techniques to connect with him. To listen to song and get a sense of him sending her love through them. I taught her to write her dreams down and when she began that practice, she realized he and she were together at night and they even had date nights. His guidance in helping her do things that she would once rely on him to do were incredulous. I told her to just pretend that she was at work and he was home holding down the fort. I did not know that was the expression that he always used. Many of his expressions would come out of my mouth when she would need comfort.

Their journey together was not over but merely took on new challenges as she learned new skills to connect with him.

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