Binge Eating

A woman had trouble with binge eating. It was a terrible problem. When she ate, she would go on automatic pilot and she never got full. It was so bad that she would get physically sick before she would register as full.

In a past life, she lived in a village where there was no food. When she ate, she felt guilty because it transported her to a time when everyone around her was starving. Not only was she trying to feed the emaciated body she once had, she was trying to eat for the whole village. The shame she was feeling wasn’t as much about eating too much, it was about shame that she was eating at all when others were starving.

Understanding her past was the beginning of separating the past from the present. This is a reason why the practice of conscious eating is so important. It keeps one grounded in the present so that the present body registers getting fed.

A great technique to use if one is a binge eater:

Imagine a scenario where the people are all hungry. Anything that you imagine will be a familiar scenario for you. Visualize going into the scenario with truck loads of food. Imagine feeding every last one of the people in the scenario. Go through the process of feeling every last member satiated and full.

Try doing this technique before ever meal. Change up the scenarios if you get tired of one; or another one presents itself. Mock up different time periods that starvation occurred.

Also try these EFT taps:

“I release the devastation of starving to death; in all lifetimes”
“I release confusing hunger with imminent death; in all lifetimes”
“I satiate every aspect of my being; in all lifetimes”
(say each of the above statement 3 times while tapping the top of your head, and a 4th time while tapping the middle of your chest.)

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