Benefits of a Spiritually Aware Society


There are very clear codes of conduct that are exacted by Universal laws and reinforced by life itself. It would benefit all of humanity for all to realize them as a means to self govern. If we stopped playing ignorance to a higher law of being governed, more of society would indeed self govern. The systemic prison system would be one of the things that would become obsolete in a spiritually aware society,

The days of waiting for a retribution at the end of one’s days is an archaic belief system. We make our heaven and hell each day by our thoughts and choices. There is nothing but the present moment and a society of those seeking instant gratification is the evidence of that fact. People seek instant gratification because they innately realize that the moment is all that there is so they want everything in the now.

Those of us who hold a vision for a world that more clearly benefits all, realizes that to share truth, address inconsistencies, live with integrity and listen to our own innate intelligence, is the way to self govern. The self-will address each and every sight to another or one’s self if one will only listen and have the courage to adhere to the truth that they will begin to rely on.

Everything that can possibly be done to a human being to beat them down has been done to them. Most people’s spirits are so broken down that to avoid confrontation or pain of any kind is all that they can endure. It is through empowering their own innate wisdom and allowing them the space to heal their own empowerment is a way to a more speedy recovery.

Those of us who are capable of some utterances of truth must speak it as much as possible. If not for ourselves but for a buffer and encouragement for others to speak theirs. It is the kindest and most courageous thing we can do. It is pretty safe to do so as well. I have been speaking truth for the last few years and the volume of truth is turned down so low that only the very few that are listening for it, hear it. The rest choose to be pretty deft. Consider it a safety catch for now until more are able to hear. Feel free to share truth, right now it is like shouting in an empty auditorium; I assure you.

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tina mastellone-chaput
May 2, 2017 at 7:01 am

Beautiful, simple, true…

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