We are all connected and so the work we do on ourselves uplifts and benefits all. If we can’t muster up the resolve to carry on for ourselves; maybe we can do it for the struggling souls behind us who are waiting to see how we pick  the key out of the maze of illusion and step into spiritual freedom.

Our children, pets and loved ones don’t want to see us as simple passengers in life. They want to see us empowered and engaged so that they feel safe and content in their own life experience. They want to strive to our heights not struggle to free themselves from the dead weight of our indifference.

We are all buoys or anchors to everyone around us. Which one is determined by our thoughts, feelings and actions from moment to moment. Holidays and gatherings are opportunities to register ourselves in the memory banks of others as a being of loving kindness or something to endure. What we choose to do, think, feel, and be determines what kind of memory we will leave for those we hold dear.

The best gift to give someone is to be a happy memory for them.

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