Being Reunited

A man contacted me devastated that his beloved dog had died too soon. He was heartbroken. It is difficult to comfort someone who has just experienced a great loss. I had a nudge to tell him to look for his dog to come back in a puppy body. He was skeptical but his pain opened him up to the possibility. That may be the real purpose of pain.

He actually had a puppy reserved from a litter that was going to be born soon. It was to be a companion for his dog that had just died. He was skeptical but hopeful that maybe his beloved could return to him. He wondered how he would even know.

A month later he contacted me. He was very grateful. When he picked up his puppy and looked into its eyes, he just knew that it was his beloved dog in a new body! Having this puppy was something that he had already set in motion. But now he was more aware of how love had returned to him. I believe this happens more than people realize. Here is to staying open to possibilities.

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