Being Present in the Moment

Each moment; no matter what is outwardly transpiring; is laden with such contentment. At any moment, at any time, conjure up any or all of these experiences and enliven them in the present:

  • wearing warm cozy pajamas
  • nestled with a good book
  • cuddling with the love of your life
  • your favorite team winning the championship
  • a warm cup of cocoa/cider/tea
  • watching your child sleep
  • waiting out the storm while having all the necessities
  • accomplishing a great task
  • sharing your gifts in an appreciative arena
  • hearing a genuine compliment
  • receiving a very special gift
  • saying “I Love You” for the first time
  • awaking from an incredible dream
  • feeling beautiful/handsome
  • hugging your furry family member
  • the first day of vacation
  • quenching a big thirst/hunger
  • seeing someone you have assisted thrive
  • the kindness of a friend
  • heartfelt laughter
  • your connection to nature

You have all these moments and more in your own repertoire. And if you are the one going through the list thinking you don’t identify with all the items, you are missing the point. Catch that tendency and tweak it. Make your own list. Have all the great moments ready to conjure up at will.

Make a list of the good moments in your life. Write them out in little papers and keep them in a jar if it helps. Every time you feel the need to shift back into joy, take one out and read it at random. Give this assignment to your children. They can collect a lifetime of little papers. Train them and yourself to get in the habit of writing them down.

To shift from worrying or complaining, and to shift into contentment is a form of Mastership. The Universe gives us more of what we focus on. This is a simple tool to acknowledge and manifest more Joy, Love, and Abundance into our life.

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