Being Popular

There are people who are very insightful intelligent people but for some reason they aren’t acknowledged or embraced very easily by others. They have a lot to offer and aren’t readily accepted so they overcompensate and develop the belief that the problem is a cosmetic one.

Personalities are our own unique signature on the world. It is a great way to size each other up. The problem is that some people try so hard to develop a personality, that they don’t realize that their true essence is already speaking to others.

We all have an energy field. We read each other’s energy all the time. So if what is perceive in a person’s energy field doesn’t complement their personality, they are deemed as phony.

Here’s an example: Someone is trying hard to fit in with the popular crowd, so they try to wear the right shoes and know the right information even though their interests lie elsewhere. It’s obvious to everyone except the person trying to something they’re not.

The reason why the cool kid is the cool kid is because their personality and energy systems align. It is a strength that is palpable. Then, others want to copy the cool kid so they step out of who they really are to imitate them. Those are the people called tagger-ons. We have all seen this.

Sometimes when you are overlooked and feel ignored, you may think it is because you are deficient in an area. It may be the opposite, you may have such strong energy that it is difficult to energetically look at you or be around you. And then if you try to over compensate, energetically, it is literally repulsive.

If you are feeling this aversion from others, maybe instead of adding things to your personality, try to be more subtle and see what happens. Have you ever been extraordinary quiet and then have people shockingly concerned with what is wrong? They are feeling the centered-ness of you in that moment and responding.

It is very positive and uplifting to be able to step back and enjoy being your own self without the need for validation. It’s a great self discipline.

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2 Comments on “Being Popular

January 8, 2010 at 10:53 pm

This is very interesting, I love high energy people but sometimes I get caught up in the whirl
wind to be on an even keel! I too am high energy, but play it down because I don’t want to
cause a whirl wind; but lately I’ve really wanted to be high energy all the time!!!

January 9, 2010 at 1:32 am

This is a great point. Thankyou.
The trick is to be able to maintain whatever energy level is comfortable for you. It is great to be high, but if it is going to cause you to crash later it may not be worth it. Have you experienced feeling wonderful but then have a bout of “depression” afterwards? This is just part of the natural cycle of things.
So when you are feeling on top of the world, you may be able to maintain it more easily by “pulling it in” a little bit and containing it. Also, your energy may be a little strong for those around you. You may be like a light that is so bright that it’s hard to look at. If people are getting irritated with you when your energy is strong, this may be what is happening.
Thanks so much for sharing!

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