Being Fat

When people declare themselves fat, they don’t realize what they’re doing to themselves.  They don’t realize that their brain is perched at attention eager to manifest every instruction that it’s given.  There is such a disconnect from the mind’s innate abilities that they believe that the power of manifestation works only for a lucky few. That is of course not true.  What one body can do, another body can do.

How about meeting yourself half way?  Instead of trying to manifest all your dreams with your thoughts, how about just trying to stop beating yourself up with them. There is a reason why thinking positive doesn’t work for some.  It’s because the negative self talk is so ingrained. Every  positive statement is barraged with negative beliefs.
So when first starting a positive self regime, the initial reaction of our mind is to reinforce the negative behavior. It needs to be trained. That is why long term dieting works best. It’s because it gives the mind a better chance to reprogram old mindsets.

I remember when I was a child. I read in a magazine that the clothes of the future would be made of carbon.  The reasoning being, is that there would be so many people in the world that individuals would want to wear clothes that were a natural repellent. Carbon, they said, was a natural repellent. I knew from chemistry class that body fat is strings of carbon molecules.  Following the logic of this article, fat was a natural repellent.

This made me feel better. It meant that people who were overweight, weren’t exactly being judged by their appearance. They were merely wearing a layer of natural repellent.  The isolation wasn’t personal.

Another good way to stay objective is to look at cells as individuals. A muscle cell is proactive, hard working and dynamic and defined. It’s role is to attain and maintain productivity. But a fat cell’s job is to insulate, be on stand-by with no other specific function.

This is what people are identifying with when they say they’re fat.  They aren’t just saying that they have too many fat cells on their frame.  They are declaring to their brain that they ARE one big fat cell.  They are saying that they are in total agreement with the fat cells objective.

It’s so ridiculous.  People keep reinforcing a state that they’re unhappy with. They should remember that they are a higher beings who are caring for a physical body. It is their job to keep it functioning. From that vantage point they can make better decisions. They can be proactive and make a choice to feed and support the muscle cells instead of the fat.

Another kindness to the self would be a simple affirmation.  “I am fit, healthy, active and free!” A positive repetitious statement would take hold in time. As long as the negative statements stop as well.