Being Beautiful

I recently facilitated a session with an attractive woman who believed she wasn’t beautiful. This is a very common belief. For some, being beautiful translates to happiness.

This issues ran very deep. The surface belief is that she wasn’t attracting happiness in the form of a loving relationship because she wasn’t beautiful enough. Her past lives showed me how she was so mistreated in past lives that she correlated relationships with abuse. Physical features were not a factor.

She lived in times when most woman were abused and treated poorly, called horrible names and degraded. In a past life she saw a beautiful woman who seemed respected and sought after. From that vantage point that woman seemed to have happiness, and so that is how she correlated beauty with happiness. It meant not being abused and appreciated.

I have facilitated other sessions where woman who were beautiful had such an aversion to it because they were sacrificed to the Gods for being most beautiful. One woman correlated beauty and adulation with fear and distrust. She happily creates a “plain jane” persona. To her, that is peace and contentment.

In the session with the first woman, her mother, who had crossed, came through and stroked her face and gave her a pep talk. Her little grandmother came through as well to remind her how special she is. Sometimes, loved ones on the other side seem to help their living loved one (even loving pets) make a connection with me as a means to either give them a message or to just help them. This seemed to be one of those instances.

So many people waste so much energy in thinking and believing badly about themselves. If they only could accept that who they are and how they react is all formulated by their experiences and their unconscious fears and aversions. Then people would accept that they are doing the best they can to take care of their own needs and stop making themselves suffer more for survival tactics.

Here are some EFT taps to help:
(Say each statement 3 times while tapping on the head and say it a 4th time while tapping on the chest.)

I release the aversion to being beautiful; in all lifetimes.

I release correlating beauty with happiness; in all lifetimes.

I release the trauma of being sacrificed; in all lifetimes.

I release being invisible; in all lifetimes.

I release feeling unworthy; in all lifetimes.

I release the belief that I am undesirable; in all lifetimes.

I release burying my gifts; in all lifetimes.

May these releases help women who chose to mute their own beauty through a lack of self-care or by putting on layers of weight as a means to hide.

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