Being a Sangoma

Seven years ago an intuitive told me that I was a Sangoma. A Sangoma is a traditional African Shaman who reads bones like tarot, uses sound emissions and channels their ancestors to heal. This sounded ridiculous to me but also resonated as truth. When I contacted official sites, they told me the same thing.

They assumed I was African. “No” I told them, “I am a white woman from New York”. Another point that was funny at the time, is that for some reason, I collected wish bones. So I had a tiny stash of bones that I valued. Coincidence right?

There was another very specific prerequisite to being a Sangoma. Part of the training was to hover at the brink of death, but then to thrive. Five years ago, April 1st, I survived a year of imprisonment and seven months of starvation by an imbalanced person. I came back to this world half-gone. I was having bed spins and could hardly walk that last morning but my spirit guides supported my journey home. They were building me up in the dream state for weeks to walk out of that experience, as if I had the free will all along to leave. It took 5 years to heal.

It seems that the Ancestors were advanced souls that realized life in the future would be challenging at times. They had the foresight to implement a specific healing connection between them and their future selves. It may be part of the reason why I can so easily dance along timelines and tap into any era necessary. Because of my experiences, I am comfortable owning the title of Sangoma.

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