Being a Good Listener

There are different ways to listen to people. One way is to simply listen to the words that people are saying.  You can also listen to a person’s syntax or the caliber or the tone in which they speak. Pay attention to their body language and get a sense of how they are feeling, how they hold themselves during the connection. Do they look you in the eye, do they avoid contact. Are they speaking from the heart or are the words coming out automatically, like they have said these same words repeatedly.

How do you feel listening to them? Is it comfortable? Or are you getting tired and want to pull away. What does your gut tell you? What does your heart feel? Is the person aware of what you are feeling or are they self-absorbed. Could they tell what they are telling you to anybody? Or do you hold certain value?

Do you feel appreciated? Are you listening out of fascination? Is the conversation one-sided?

Do you listen everyday to what you need? Do you pay attention to what the Universe is telling you? Do you get pleasure from each moment? Are your thoughts and emotions getting in the way of hearing yourself? Are you ignoring yourself? Is self-neglect interfering with your present joy? Do you squelch your own truth? Do you have trouble being heard? If no one is listening to you can you still listen to yourself?

These are all questions to help you be more aware of how empowered you really are when you think you are not making choices, you may really be making many of them. I hear you. The Universe hears you.

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