Be a Pipeline Of Divine Light, Love, and Song Into the World

Many people feel helpless with the current state of the world. They don’t realize what a powerful conduit they are for Divine Love to be poured into the word. If everyone who is feeling helpless would forgo all worry, opinions and fears, and simply begin pouring their love into the world, it would make the profound difference they are waiting to see. The world is huge, but look what has been achieved throughout history by people like Nelson Mandela or Mother Theresa, perpetually pouring their love in to fill it up. Imagine if we all poured our love into the world while going about our day!

It is a characteristic of the ego to feel small and insignificant. Having a poor opinion of yourself is characteristic of having a large ego. Having a sense of your dynamic ability to uplift those in your awareness is more in balance. We have all been inspired by the child that decides to make a difference in the world and does. We have all secretly wanted to be that child, and we are.

One of the reasons television can be considered so bad is that it stops our natural out-flowing of energy. So does fear, worry, focusing on problems, and commiserating. Commiserating creates a dead eddy of energy between those that indulge in it. All those news talk shows create a massive dead pool of stagnant energy that people swirl around in. We have seen these people. They can’t be helped in their present condition.

Here are some taps to do to keep your pipeline of Divine Love flowing out into the world no matter what you are doing. There are side benefits of course. Maybe someone will feel more confident and less insignificant. For those who do feel small, may I suggest when you declare yourself a perpetual pipeline, that you visualize being a HUGE hose and not some itty bitty garden hose. Also, there is an infinite amount of Divine Love. The flow can never dry up. People cut themselves off from the Flow.

Say each statement three times out loud while tapping on your head, and say it a fourth time while tapping on your chest.

I declare myself a perpetual pipeline for Divine Light, Love, and Song to pour into this world, in all lifetimes.
I remove all blockages to perpetually pouring Divine Light, Love, and Song into this World, in all lifetimes.
I stretch my capacity to perpetually pour Divine Light, Love, and Song into the world, in all lifetimes.
I Am a perpetual pipeline of Divine Light, Love, Song, Healing, Health, Joy, Beauty, Abundance, and Healing into this world, in all lifetimes.
I am uplifted by the process of Divine Light, Love, Song, Healing, Health, Joy, Beauty, Abundance, and Healing perpetually flowing through me, in all lifetimes.

These are great taps to do every day. You may want to even start a journal to write down the shifts that you notice by doing these taps. Please share and please give them to those who are feeling overwhelmed or hopeless. When we share love, we heal ourselves. When more people understand this, we will see dynamic shifts happen in the world.

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