Aversion to Money

In many of my sessions, I deal with Abundance. It is so surprising how many people have an aversion to their own wealth. It is either out of unworthiness, conceptualizing monetary gain as negative, or just by feeling generally overwhelmed. It is really wonderful to be able to help people undo the damage they inflict upon themselves and the aversion to their own blessings.

I have worked on releasing the issues of abundance with a long time client. Yet they still were showing up in his life. We tuned in to the issue in a recent session. Core beliefs preventing him from having monetary wealth revealed themselves.

The first issue was his preference for bartering. He had a strong opinion of money and definitely felt bartering was better. Even though we released all his aversion to money in past sessions, we now had to release his preference for bartering. He had to stop micromanaging the Universe and how his abundance came to him.

The EFT tap we did was, “I release needing my abundance to be converted into the barter system.” It actually felt like the Universe was sitting on a whole stock pile of his abundance and was working diligently on converting it into barter.

The second issue was a dislike of banks and bankers. This was the true bottleneck to him being rich. In our work, we got to the point where he was willing to accept monetary gain. But now the deeper issue was that he would have to deal with the banks and bankers. In many lifetimes, he saw them as the enemy. We released all his aversions to bankers and helped him be receptive to having a relationship them. The bottle neck had been opened.

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