Jen Ward

18 September, 2017 19:51

Technique for Self Acceptance Fat in the body is made of of a string of carbon molecules. Did you know that carbon has the energetic component of repulsions? It is it’s purpose …to keep others away. To be repulsed when looking at yourself may be no more you, than merely identifying with the atoms. That […]

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18 September, 2017 19:49

Mind Loop When I was imprisoned, there was that first moment of disbelief that this was happening. On the surface I was calm and obedient but inside the mind was scrambling to make sense of it. It was reworking every corner of the scenario to find a loop hole and to figure out what was […]

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When someone is acting out because they feel invalidated, doesn’t it make sense that you simply validate them as a means of taking the higher ground? It disarms all the animosity. Maybe this would work with nations too. This is what female energy would do that male energy has not tried. #Upgrade #Gaia

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Mind Blowing Love

Yesterday’s group call was so amazing!  I closed my eyes, really tuned into everyone’s voices and energy and I felt as though I was transported back to the room we were in at Woodcliff, with all those beautiful souls I have known through many, many life times.  Thank you Jen for bringing us together in […]

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Sending Out Seeds of World Peace

The old concept of world peace being a form of communism is falling away to a creative renaissance where everyone is too busy, doing what they love, sharing their gifts and enjoying their empowerment to judge or bully others. You may want to come to my next retreat.. We will be creating the vibration of […]

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