Jen Ward


I don’t make a habit of asking for help But will give it when it’s truly warranted I know the difference between the truth and a lie and definitely know how to live it   I know that all that ever transpires will be up to debate or discussion But I tune out all the mental fray Just like an annoying percussion   I don’t indulge in focusing on problems Never give attention to an unworthy cause I never listen to whiny complaints Unless the perpetrator has paws.   I feel every nuance between lies and the truth And the truth is where I stand. It has had the wind knocked out of it. These days it just needs a hand.   Kindness is a form of palpable truth That can be felt by the discerning eye It registers itself on all planes of existence and encourages us to give it a try.   We, together are palpable truth Connected by the Love We are all agents of truth learning to thrive As below, to reflect the above   Jen Ward 8/11/14  

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The Illusion of Isolation

I hope people are starting to realize that they are not alone. There are very busy forces just a hair breath beyond their comprehension doing every thing they can to assist everyone in passing through the pain that is using their individuality to leave humanity. It is like we are each a pore on the skin of God and the pain, loneliness and isolation are being sweated out. Jen Ward

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A Portal of God

  To Dance upon the Horizon All through the night To live in the exhilaration of an Eagle’s first flight   To pursue a purity all other’s abscond To breathe in each moment forever and beyond   To dive into the heavens as your own private pool To see life from the vantage point of a perpetual school   To be the Lover, the Teacher, the Healer of man living in the moment where all ends and began   To rise to the surface of humanity’s cream To support each beings purpose, their intimate dream   To cheer lead all others and actually applaud Is the moment you become a portal for God.   Jen Ward

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Strands of Light

  We are all like strands of heaven Dangling from its floor Meant to weave a tapestry That unites us at the core.   But some forget their origin Start to struggle as they dangle Forget the beauty we came from And that is why they tangle   Some will roll up in a ball Forget we’re all connected Start to feel all alone And start to seem neglected   Some become wooly skeins Some are the fibrous rope The ones that become more course Are the ones that have lost hope   Our job as infinite beings Is weaving cloaks around their plight Remind them who they really are While remaining strands of light.   Jen Ward  

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The Flip Side

If people are lazy….. They are resting If people can’t seem to care for themselves…. They are healing from a traumatic past. If people lie…. They are afraid of being called out. If people steal….. They are feeling depleted inside and think it is their only recourse. When people are very accomplished…… Many times they are terrified of failing. When people need to conquer others….. They are trying to fill their own emptiness. When people are jealous of you….. They admire you greatly. When people hate you….. They so desperately want your Love. When we Love, When we Love, When we Love…….. We heal all wounds, sooth all traumas, reassure all ills, fill in all voids and demonstrate the healing power of Love. Jen Ward 4/27/14

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