Assisting Lost Pets

Many people have seen or read The Incredible Journey where pets are able to find their way home against great odds. So why are there so many lost pets out there? What I realized was that when pets get lost, they revert to primal mode and forget that they have a family and a home. They are so in tune with their owners that when the owners get frantic, that exacerbates the loss of the connection between them.

So when a pet gets lost, I do a long distance emotional release on them and they usually find themselves home after that. It is very effective.

One day I got messages from people in San Francisco whose friend lost their dog. He was seen in the area but a neighbor spooked him so he was eluding rescue. The father was a high-end executive but he was willing to talk to me to get his pet back. I told him many of his dog’s secrets. How he saw the family and the Love he had for the little daughter.

I told them that the dog was close. He was hunkered down in a drainage ditch somewhere. (I used remote viewing to see him). I told the dog to stay away from the roads and did a long distance emotional release on him.

I saw that the dog had an outside doghouse in their yard within a gate. I told him to leave the lights on the house that night so the house would look the same as it did when the dog went out for his last potty run. I told him to leave food and water out and the gate opened and hopefully the dog would just come home.

It was a great ending. They did everything I suggested and in the middle of the night, they checked the dog house and their little boy was in it. He had come home.

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