Armed Aggression

I facilitated a session once with a man who lost most of the feeling in his right arm due to an accident. His past life images came through very quickly.

He was a very gifted soldier. He killed many people easily and without thought. But one day something happened where he had a shift within himself. He saw one of his young victims as human instead of merely a mission or an object to conquer. He saw the vulnerability in their eyes, their life, their desire to live. He was devastated by his last kill.

The emotional shift was unbearable. He vowed that he would rather cut off his own arm than harm another person again. He let himself be taken down and killed. He did not fight back.

In this present life, the vow that he put into motion way back in the past was playing itself out. His arm in the present was useless to wield a weapon. During his session we released some of the angst. Some of the feeling returned into his arm with the one session.

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