An Intrusion

A young woman started sending me instant messages. She was very interested in what I do. I didn’t know her but was glad that she felt comfortable asking me a lot of questions. I obliged her for a bit and then started feeling uncomfortable. It is natural to feel uncomfortable when someone is invading your psychic space.

I stopped her. I told her to stop scanning me. She did not know what I was talking about but it was a habit that she had and didn’t realize. When she was interested in anyone she would scan their energy to learn all about them. It is off-putting and a psychic violation.

I would not let her continue. “Let me guess something”, I said, ” you are a very nice person but don’t have many friends and you wonder why people don’t like you”. This was true. It is very hard to like someone who is intruding upon us. Many people scan others unconsciously. If they are doing it to you, visualize putting up an energetic force field like plexiglass between you and them and push them out of you psychic space.

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