An International Healer – Dissipating War

I am trembling with energy after the session I just finished. It was a very powerful remote session with a client who lives in, and is from Turkey. It was an amazing session. Turkey feels like a vortex of positive energy. I didn’t realize that before the session.

My client’s English was not great, so I did not lead her through many taps, and just released a lot of issues without them. I did lead her through the protocol for all thought forms and she agreed to be a surrogate to release war for the collective “we”. I know my protocol is an effective way to release issues. My intention is to assist enough people to dissipate war altogether in my lifetime.

I hear people arguing with me in their minds that this is not possible. But think about it: if someone argues against this intention, they are advocating for war. Arguing for the gray areas is still advocating for war. It is a subtle play of the mind and the emotions but that is what it is.

For those who understand this point, or want to support this intention, please do the taps that I led my client through. We did them using the collective “we”. As we continued, she was gagging a lot. If she could see energy, she would see that she was throwing up black energetic tar. Also, besides telling me she was going through the process of throwing up; she also was so energized that she could not sit still in the session. Her session surpassed her expectations.

I invite you to do these taps to assist in dissipating the negativity that has surfaced.
(Say each statement three times out loud while tapping on your head and say it a fourth time while tapping on your chest)

We release being encapsulated in war, in all moments.
We release agreeing to war, in all moments.
We release the belief that war is inevitable, in all moments.
We recant all vows and agreements between ourselves and war, in all moments.
We remove all curses between ourselves and war, in all moments.
We dissolve all karmic ties between ourselves and war, in all moments.
We remove all the pain, burden, limitations, and engrams that war has put on us, in all moments.
We take back all the Joy, Love, Abundance, Freedom, Health, Life, and Wholeness that war has taken from us, in all moments.
We remove all war from our sound frequency, in all moments.
We remove all war from our light body, in all moments.
We release resonating with war, in all moments.
We release emanating with war, in all moments.
We transcend all limiting concepts of war, in all moments.
We transcend war, in all moments.
We redefine life as peace, in all moments.
We are centered and empowered in divine love, in all moments.

Many people believe that war is a part of the spiritual experience and it will always be on earth. That is a limiting belief. If one wants to hone their spiritual skills, they will challenge all beliefs and break through all limitations. There will still be many lessons to learn if earth forgoes war. There are so many rich inner conflicts that are not able to be delved into because of the distraction of outer war.

Peace on earth is not going to kill the human spirit. It is going to awaken us all to what is possible as we come together as individuals in the agreement of peace. If you have never tried doing the taps, I invite you to try these. Please get a sense of the empowerment they can bring. This empowerment is a trait of our true essence.

If you have never shared my taps before out of worry about what your friends may think; maybe that hint of insecurity is the same issue that helps war thrive. I encourage people to do and share these taps. If nothing else it is a small intention to remove the fuel of the present flames of dis-ease in the world. Please feel free to share these taps elsewhere as well. Please hashtag them out to the world.

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