An Energetic Reason for Chronic Pain

The energetic reason for some injuries, is because of our wanting to NOT have to use power to defend ourselves.  In many past lives, we needed to hold a weapon in one hand and a shield in another.  It was habit.  We were in so many battles that it got tiring and made us weary. On some level, we now say to ourselves, “never again!  I would rather cut off my right arm than hurt another person with power plays”. Many time in this day and age the power plays are not physical but they still trigger the same old issue.  As an old Soul, it is much easier to be in pain that to watch someone else suffer.

Sometimes we are put in the position of having to protect ourselves. When this happens, our conviction of not hurting another being redirects the energy flow in a particular body part to “back up on us”  and causes misalignment of our energy. We jam our energy up so as not to hurt another being.  Sword in one hand, shield in another hand!  We are so tired of it, we pull that energy back and suffer with the consequences. In many of my clients with carpal tunnel, I have seen what I’m describing as an underlying cause.
But with awareness, one can realize what they are subconsciously doing and reverse the process. It is possible to redirect one’s energy flow with visualizations.  Imagine a strong current of pure light coming down through the top of the head into the body and flowing completely through it. Visualize energy going through each limb and flushing out any debree. Imagine seeing energy flow out each finger and toe.  See yourself simply as a tube with Divine light running through it.

Bones and tissue is more pliable than we tend to believe. When the heart, mind and soul want to really change something, things we call miracles, can happen.

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