An Aunt’s Last Christmas Gift

A friend of mine visited me after she returned from a funeral. Her friend’s sister had died. As we were talking. I started getting impressions from the other side.

The sister from the other side was telling me that her sister was pretty dramatic and that she craved attention. The friend who was visiting confirmed this. Then I saw an image of two sweet girls in green plaid dresses. The friend was familiar with that photo. It was her friend’s daughters and was taken at Christmas time. They adored their aunt and their aunt adored them.

I was shown how much the Aunt loved her nieces. She would play games and do crafts with the girls and really enjoyed the Christmas season with them. Since she crossed close to the holiday, she had a message for her sister. She wanted to make certain that her nieces did not get their holiday ruined by her passing.

I saw the Christmases for the girls in the future. They were depressing and revolved around the mother cultivating a clinical depression due to the sister’s passing. The sister who crossed did not want to be a reason the girls losing their Christmas joy. She wanted me to interrupt that pattern. That is why she showed me the girls in the photo, as evidence to the sister that the message was indeed from her.

I was emphatic to the friend to press the severity of the message. “Your friend’s sister wants to make sure that you don’t allow her sister to be a drama queen over her passing. She wants he girls to be happy at the holidays, not sad. Please give this message to the whole family so they call the mother on this behavior.”

The message was received enough to make an impact. I got the sense that the future holidays were affected in a positive way by the connection. This was the aunt’s final gift to her nieces. We safeguarded their Christmas Joy that day.

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