Amercan’s Power Playground

There is a spiritual adage that states, “A soul can only be pierced or broken from within.” This means only someone’s own fear and lack of belief in themselves can destroy them. A soul experiences lack of focus and weakens itself from within. Sadly this is the process that is destroying the integrity of our country.

There are many levels of awareness in the world; all for the advancement of the individual on its journey to truth. But there are negative currents affecting many. These negative currents are merely for the strengthening of the younger souls so they can be strong enough to swim against energetic tides. Eventually they realize that they don’t have to swim against the tide, they can wade along without being swept up in any of the different cross currents. They can hold their own and still remain true to themselves.

Realizing this would be a very effective tool in today’s political affairs. Younger souls want power. They think they are smarter and are determined to be right. Older souls see the limitations in the current mechanisms that govern, so they believe they have to get involved to govern those who are less aware. It doesn’t matter what the issues are or what side you are on. If you are taking a side, you still have this need to be right and are still in the realms of power.

Older souls realize that the need to understand power is a lesson that is necessary for an individual’s spiritual growth. To you older souls: You have had the opportunity to abuse power in past lives, please allow others the opportunity to realize it’s fruitlessness. Younger souls will do what they need to do to get their thirst for lessons satiated. When you get involved, you just prolong the experience and satisfy their need for attention. When a child is having a temper tantrum, it does not make sense to engage them. This only prolongs the process. The more efficient action is to totally ignore them and let them tire themselves out. This is what we need to do to the childishness of politics. Stop letting the tantrums affect us. Pull all our energies from the political playground until the temper tantrums subside.

Just because someone is noisier doesn’t make them more effective. There are ways to work with spiritual principles that can help restore order better than anything else. Older Souls need to practice them in order to restore the strength of the whole.

Stop engaging in bantering. Just like with a child, the more attention you give a situation or a group of people, the more they will use it to their advantage. Remove all your energy from a situation or a topic so that your energy isn’t used as fuel for someone else’s agenda.

Turn off all political commercials. Stop having an opinion. We are trained to get involved but that does not work in this current political climate. Your involvement is just creating a division.

Pull out of the “them vs. us mentality”. We are still considered one nation under God. If that line doesn’t work for you, tweak it in your head for it fits your belief system. I personally believe we are one nation imbued in God. If that works for you, please use it.

Realize that if the other person is just as adamant as you are about your opinion that you are still in the streams of power. Remove yourself and let the other person banter with them self. Leave them to their opinions and just walk away.

We are like a soul destroying our self by attacking our president and other governing forces. It is commonly known that he is a good man who is serving with purpose so he is attacked sideways by undermining all that he does. But it still weakens him and his effectiveness and as a result we weaken ourselves. This is an immature psychic ploy at best. At the worst, destroying one’s self from within is how a cancer kills. By turning on our own system of government, we are in effect, killing America.

So if you want to be effective in strengthening your country, remove all your energy from political scrimmages. Only acknowledge positive actions and comments. Ignore all political conversations. They are only used to energetically bait you. Love the pinnacle of the collective we.

Take a few moments a day to send the president a burst of Love. He is in an energetic battle for our existence. Give him the benefit of the process that he serves out of a sense of purpose. Send him Love so that he can fight for the congruity of out nation. It is ignorance to have an opinion on something we have only a slight vantage point on.

There are many lessons about Love and power to be learned. When you get to the point that power is not an enticement for you, then you can really start to delve into the lessons of Love. The more that we collectively learn to do that, the more we will strengthen ourselves and our nation.