Alleviating Chest Pains


This morning I woke up with alarming chest pains, which for me in this lifetime has never happened before.   What to do?


I emailed Jen Ward with a simple “chest pains? inquiry… all that was necessary to convey her assisting me in understanding what was up.


I’ve learned to explicitly value and trust her energy work and healing abilities over the last several years.  I’ve learned that physical ailments are the “pay attention” result of underlying direct causes that Western medicine more typically can’t properly identify.   The alert system of discomfort and dis-ease are the “symptoms”, where some manner of imbalance or disharmony is created in our other “bodies”…emotional, causal (past lives), or mental areas.


I heard back right away to do a short series of taps that she knew would specifically address this issue.  I am still dumbfounded at how far-fetched but absolutely right-on they are, and how immediate my relief was.  As energy beings, we are more than solid pounds of physical flesh. Not a newsflash, but the more we understand how our thoughts and feelings impact our health, the better off, or on, we’ll be.  Jen offers tons of insights and wisdom on this at her website.


I encourage everyone to experience the benefits of going outside the box for healing and wisdom needs.


Thank you, Jen.




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