Active Wellness

My sister was on high blood pressure medicine for 25 years. She wanted to get off her dependency on it. She asked me to assist her. Although I didn’t advocate her going off her meds, she was going to run out of her current prescription. Because of circumstance, she was not able to conveniently get another prescription. So I assisted her while she still had plenty of medication left

I gave her taps to do every time I saw that she was anxious. Sometimes she was anxious and not even aware of it. Sometimes I would push her buttons on purpose just to send her past the point of irritation so that I could release it. I also did specific taps on her for the dynamics between the systolic and diastolic pressures.

She is now in the normal range and monitors it every day. It has been in the normal range for almost a year now. She is empowered and very devoted to the taps I share here. She has experienced an incredible shift within herself. She is an active participant in maintaining her own wellness.

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