As children, we think our parents are the authority on all of life. This is a child’s absolute. It keeps them comforted in their role as a child. It is a difficult transition sometimes for the growth of the child but they must outgrow deferring to their parents to be healthy and continue to thrive. This includes thinking on their own, making their own decisions and taking the next step into self-responsibility.

A child can continue to have a healthy respect and admiration for their parents but must always forge on into adulthood.

This analogy directly correlates with our spiritual beliefs. Most people are like children in their relationship with God. They defer to what they have been told and do exactly what has been dictated to them as the ultimate truth from a third party. Yet, like a teenager, the promptings from within will let them know when the need more responsibility in their relationship with God. It doesn’t mean they have to leave their spiritual ‘home” But maybe it is time to take on a bit more responsibility around the house.

A way to do this is to simply challenge everything you know in a respectful way. What are the absolutes in your faith and in your life? What is their benefit or their hindrance? There may be a need for them to contain the group. But are they necessary when one learns to develop a more mature relationship with God?

Think of the absolutes in a faith that you have no affinity for. Look at their purpose. Then look at the absolutes in your own and see how they may now be putting a glass ceiling on your own spiritual growth.

One common absolute is to not read the doctrines of another faith lest you be damned. This may be very important for an immature soul, to keep them from wandering into some intangible harm. But what about the older souls that have learned discernment? The absolutes become a curfew on yourself.

God in It’s infinite awareness doesn’t need to be adulated or worshiped. God doesn’t care about the faith that you chose. These are matters for men, not God. Does God really want us to kill in It’s name? Or defer to someone else outside of direct connection with It?

Maybe God has been speaking directly to each soul, heart to heart their whole existence. Maybe man overlays his voice on the soundtrack of Love that God provides. Maybe it has never been about killing, or praising in “His” name. Maybe it has always been about loving in the sanctity of your own depth; and listening to that inner calling.

Maybe God is infinite Love and Patience and awaits each soul to outgrow the confines of all the outer commandments. Maybe he is lovingly ushering us into an adult relationship with Love itself. Maybe it is one where we all are an authority on our unique relationship with It. Maybe we merely respectfully stay in the confines of our faith to show others how to go past outer limitations of doctrine.

Maybe we can perpetuate more divinity by venturing into the heart of acceptance instead of staying pooled in a mass of “should” and “can’t”. I challenge all to challenge their own absolutes. It is easy to see how others are limited by theirs. It takes more courage to peak on the other side of our own and step on the fresh soil of enlightenment. I look forward to seeing you on the other side.

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