A String of Intentional Miracles

A married couple who started out as clients and became dear friends called me out of the blue one day and were stressed. They had just been to the ultrasound for their first baby and the pictures showed a few abnormalities. The most pressing at the time was that the heart was in the wrong position, the structure of the jaw wasn’t right, and the baby was not growing at the normal rate.

I calmed their concerns as much as possible and suggested maybe things weren’t as bad as they first appeared. I did some energy releasing around the issue, suggested other energy modalities to assist as well and tuned into the person that this baby was. The baby was someone who they had known. It was the mother’s grandfather. He was a dynamic man but when he was born he weighed 13 pounds. As a complication, his mother in that life died after his birth. The baby was afraid to grow too big and, as a result, be abandoned.

I did a session with the soul that was the baby and released his fear of being too big. As the parents and I connected in this session, the mother sensed a shift in utero. He seemed to stretch out in the womb. After that initial session with the baby, we would connect via phone regularly to help restructure the babies form to something in the normal range. Every time we connected, the baby would kick or the cat would kiss the phone.

During the whole process, the doctors wanted them to keep going for tests upon more tests. Instead of giving over their power to the doctors, they picked and chose which tests were necessary and which ones were deemed precautionary, and would be a financial drain. During the whole gestation period, we connected nightly if necessary. They wanted to do everything for their baby that was possible, but the medical doctors gave them such a narrow band of outcome to hope for that their appointments were discouraging. Our connection gave them a wider range of possibilities to hope for. They also followed through with Body Talk sessions for the baby as well. They really wanted to have a home birth. They were doing everything to make certain that it was possible for the safety of their baby.

In the eighth month, they went for another test to see if the heart was still an issue. Every test they had so far was inconclusive. I had the sense that the tests looked less dismal because of the energy shifts we were doing with the baby and releasing all its fears. But this is something that the doctors would not understand so if they saw a less threatening image, they were apt to not trust it. The parents found the fortitude to stay positive and went to a prominent hospital for a second opinion. Those tests showed a very minimal issue that was not going to interfere with a home birth.

The young couple got their home birth. I was deemed the long distance doula and was on call at the time. We connected as much as the parents needed to stay positive. I encouraged them before the birth and I was given a call during the birth to assist. I knew it was going to be a long delivery but without telling them that, I just told them to call me if and when they needed me.

After many hours, I received a call. The father was serious and calm. The baby was born but was having trouble taking its first breath. The doula on-site was giving mouth to mouth for a very long time. I tuned in and started doing my emotional releasing for the baby. I started screaming and crying newborn baby sounds. In a few moments, I felt the energy flow into the baby. He took his first breath and was fine.

I got to be privy to this beautiful moment of the parents talking to and loving their baby for the first time. It was a sacred moment. Something in that moment healed the part of me that was never welcomed with kindness into this world. It was a gift to me to experience what that felt like through the baby.

It became chaotic when the ambulance showed up and so the father said he would call me when he was at the hospital. When he called me, he was coming down from a very long labor. He was starting to process the fact that his baby needed oxygen and had to spend time at the hospital. He started to come to terms with the fact that the birth of his first baby met some bumps in the road.

He started to lament a bit. He was about to call all the relatives and update them on the birth. I could sense he was about to sink into a sympathy seeking state.

I yelled at him, “Don’t you dare saddle that perfect baby with sympathy. Don’t frame your calls to the family from a place of sadness. This is a joyful event. Your baby is wonderful and perfect. He doesn’t have to have normal circumstances to be perfect.”

I helped the father realize the blessings by helping him see that if the birth was uneventful, he would have taken up the typical things he worries about with no interruption. This birth, exactly the way it was, is a blessing. The father understood this and when he called the relatives, he was positive and joyful.
The parents and I stayed connected all through the first days of their baby’s life. Every time they were met with discouraging news, we would talk and I would give then reason to believe in a better outcome than they were being given. Professionals, in general, deal in worst case scenarios. This is counterproductive to using one’s own healing abilities to create a more positive outcome.

The doctor told them early on that the baby’s one nostril was most likely shut and they would have to drill it open. They told the parents to be ready for surgery. I led the parents through taps to assist and kept a vigilant connection with the baby. We did taps to open the pathways of the babies breathing apparatus. I got a message from them telling me that a miracle happened. Shortly after they did the taps, the baby was feeding and milk spurted out of the nostril that was thought to be closed.

When the baby was in the incubator, I felt it reaching out for a connection with me. I was connected to him so much while he was in utero that he reached out for that connection still. I felt incredible love from him and gave him my wise counsel. I led him through a series of taps and assisted him in assisting himself. Of course, I wrapped him in deep love.

The father messaged me in that first week. They were spending all of the time at the hospital. He asked me if I had come to assist in doctor form. The baby was in an incubator and the diagnosis was for him to stay in the incubator. A blond female doctor that they had never seen before, or since, intervened. She was adamant that the baby nurse from his mother. It was a turning point in the baby’s health. When the father arrived at the hospital the next morning, he could not find his son. The baby was returned to the general populace of newborns. It was another unexpected incident.

The parents brought in many energy workers to give a hand in assisting the baby. The baby was receiving Body Talk sessions and the constant love and prayers of an extended family. I continued to facilitate long distance energy work on the baby and walk the parents through energy work. The symptoms that the doctors warned that would limit this baby’s quality of life became less severe than they were originally reported.

One night they went to a site that was a support group for babies that were diagnosed with something that was similar to what their baby experienced but was much worse. The doctor also warned them of all the problems that they and the baby could run into. They spoke as if it was written in stone that the baby would struggle. It left the parents feeling very low. We did a series of taps negating the parents agreement with the diagnosis as their baby’s reality. They realized that joining support groups was a mistake and felt free of that reality. Their baby is absolutely beautiful and does not have any physical traits to cement this diagnosis into him as a reality. Every time they received negative information, they were able to counter it with a more uplifting reality. Their lesson in all this is to continue to do this.

The baby still needed oxygen and would have to take tests to see if he could thrive at home. But the parents were told that there was a long waiting list to take the sleep study. They thought it would be a couple of weeks. I continued to pump optimism into them and drummed into them to keep creating their best outcome. We did so many taps with them and the baby. The next day or so, the parents called me late at night. The baby was about to get his sleep test. They wanted me to support them and him so he would pass the test. The father was feeling a lot of pressure for his son to pass.

I pointed out to the father how the pressure he was putting on the baby felt as intense as the father of a quarterback football player pressuring his son to carry the team to a win. The baby’s father admitted that his father pressured him to win. Then it was evident that the whole purpose for this health issue in their baby was to interrupt the dynamic that would have played out otherwise.

If they had experienced a typical birth with a typical outcome, there would be incredible pressure put on this baby to succeed. But the issue with the baby’s health allowed the parents to work through any issues of high expectations being put on their baby. They are very self-aware people and this health issue was a cleansing process for a lot of emotional issues.

The baby passed its sleep study and went home the next day. He continues to thrive. The miracles in this baby’s short life are apparent. It is an example of what is possible. His future is bright and optimistic with all the support he receives from love and healing energy work. His amazing parents continue to thrive and stretch their capacity to love. Their experiences and the miracles that they are collecting is research for their amazing inspirational work that they do with others.

The world is more hopeful and uplifted with the welcome event of this baby’s birth. The miracles upon miracles that were cleared for take-off is what is possible for every soul in existence. May we all strive to uncover the miracles in our own lives and raise the bar on what we expect for all others and ourselves. Our intentional expectation of miracles is fertile ground for them to be realized. Maybe someday, miracles will be what everyone expects as their natural state of being.

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