A Spirit of the Discarnated Persuasion (politically correct word for Ghost)

On the radio they were talking about a Halloween event where there were real ghosts on the property. It was the “draw”. Being one who is privy to the pain of other beings, and having the conscious memory of being a ghost myself, I was horrified. From my vantage point; he could have talked about any other group that was being exploited. He could have said, “come get pampered by real slaves”.

There is such a disconnect from this issue and all the ramifications of it. A person who has not crossed over is trapped in a pain that is too horrific to imagine. Even if it is only an aspect of that person’s energy (which is sometimes the case); being a ghost is a living nightmare.

Sometimes our own fears of being buried alive, being trapped in a coffin, being invisible and unheard, being paralyzed, reliving an unimaginable state of anguish, is our own memory of not crossing over. It is all fun and games until it becomes too real and one recognizes that the ghost is a regular person crying out for relief.

If you sense a ghost, visualize yourself talking to them as the person they once were. Don’t try to “meld” with them but keep your boundaries separate. Explain to them gently that they have crossed over. Visualize an inner Light away from yourself and close to where you perceive them. Show it to them. Encourage them to walk through. Explain to them that they will find relief in the light, and that is where their loved ones are. Explain to them that they will feel better once they go to the light. Since they are not connected to thought; merely an emotional state; they need that thought process to be freed.

Once you realize that you can do this, don’t become a mercenary to free every ghost. I had to draw the line and tell them all to leave me alone. I will help souls that cross my path and those who my Guides ask me to assist.But every experience is necessary to teach people compassion, even this one. I do not wear a neon sign to help them. It may be fascinating but when it becomes a focal point for a living person, it is not very high on the survival scale. It’s best to use all your skills to uplift others. There is an abundant ways to uplift others. Start with those immediately in your path.

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