A Shortcut to Enlightenment

I have found in my Energy Work that there are certain experiences that are Universal. Some of them are: the feeling of being isolated and unique to the point of not relating to others, the need to overcome physical, emotional and mental pain, and feel special in a way that others can not relate. All experiences are valid and true. They seem to be milestones on the way to enlightenment.

I have also found that on the road to enlightenment, the individual sabotages the self. Truth is Universal. We believe we have to dig for truth, but in our zeal we cover ourselves with the same dirt that we cleared from the trenches. There is an easier way. Just embrace the simplicity of it. Be the Love. Ride Love like the music of a flute in the wind into the heart of truth.

We need to unhinge ourselves from all the trauma and experiences that we have accrued over lifetimes, and just let it go. We identify too greatly with this little clump of flesh that we think we are. We are so much more than that little mound of physical matter. We are the ones that manifest our own greatness. We are the ones that walk in Heaven while still on earth if we dare. And we are the ones to empower ourselves to slough off the mediocrity of this world and Live the Life of both freedom and service to a greater good.

The purpose of life is to learn to give and receive Love in the most sublime ways. There is always another step in the capacity to Love. Each individual could do so much more to plug into the Universality of Love everyday by the thoughts they chose to edit and the choices they make moment to moment. If everyone chose simply to rise to the occasion and take themselves seriously as spiritual beings; this whole experience of existing on earth would be much different.

A starting point is to ask yourself every day, “What would Love do?” Before you say or even think any thought, ask yourself three things? “Is it true, necessary and kind?” Let that be the gauge to know whether to give life to another thought form. Turn your back on negativity of any kind as if it is a spoiled child. Dry up negativity and don’t engage in fertilizing it with your attention. And suspend all judgment. For when you judge someone, you are in denial that you are the one that needs to focus on you. Judging someone else is a form of self sabotage in your journey to truth.