A New Doctor

A new doctor in Pakistan connected with me through instant message. He was a great student and he worked really hard to be a doctor. But now that he was seeing patients, he was having a real hard time. He dreaded interacting with patients and he hated being around the sick. It was so bad that he wanted to quit. But he could not because his whole family was invested in him being a great doctor. He was under a lot of pressure.

He reached out to me out of desperation. I knew how to help him.

In school they taught him everything about medicine and making the body well with treatments but they didn’t teach him what it was to BE a healer. He had no protective armor when treating the ill and he was taking on all their issues. So much so that he got blindsided by them.

I tuned into him and repaired his energy field which is a natural buffer between people. I fortified it so he could withstand the interaction with the sick. I also assisted in flushing through all the stagnant energy he had collected thus far from patients. He felt immediately better. I also explained to him what was happening and how to prevent it in the future.

He felt instant relief. He was very grateful even if the help came from way outside his comfort zone.

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