A Mouthpiece for Wisdom

Most people don’t realize how close their past lives are to the surface, replaying in their energy field repeatedly. When I connect to people their past life memories go to very dark places. Because we are love and light at the core, happy memories don’t make the impression that negative ones do, because there is no contrast.

When I connect with someone, I am toggling between being present in the moment while also experiencing them being tortured, raped, bleeding out on a battlefield, being terrorized by negative forces, feeling forsaken by God and being abandoned by all that they love. My training in many lifetimes, including this one, has strengthened my ability to assist people who are reliving devastating experiences through their present life circumstances while maintaining my composure.

Two eras that have seemed to mark almost every person are the centuries of the crusades and the Dark Ages that ensued. During the Dark Ages, people lost their drive to succeed because they experienced atrocities at the hands of those wielding power. Many have vowed to never abuse power again and prefer to be the victim rather than replay the horrific images that they have stored in their energy field that have to do with abusing power or killing innocence. At an energetic level they don’t understand the difference between abusing power and self empowerment. This is one of the things I assist with.

The Dark Ages that ensued have created such a fear in people to speak their mind, be judged or even to show the ways that they outshine others. In the dark ages, a jealous lord could pull anyone out of the crowd that showed any signs of intelligence and have them tortured on a whim. It is during those times that so many people learned to mute their truth and hide their skill set and talents. Even a person’s beauty could mean the threat of being taken from their life to serve a ruthless lord in his bed.

During the Dark Ages intelligence was revered because most lived in ignorance. Only the noble class could read. People were tortured for their ability to read because it was a threat to the power system of the time. That is why we so worship the intelligence. It has become synonymous with freedom. But there is a difference between being intelligent and being able to think for one’s self. Differentiating the two and empowering the latter is another thing that I do.

But just as it was a crime to read during the Dark Ages, it has become a crime in the present times to think for one’s self. Much of my writings is met with contempt . Speaking one’s truth creates a powerful reaction in people. For many of us it seems like it is not worthwhile to even do it. People confuse opinions with truth. They have opinions which are threatened by truth. They feel free when I can break the patterns and show them the limitations of the former.

Opinions are a collection of facts that have been thrown into the energetic thought stream for anyone to adopt. What is happening now is that power-mongers hire or promote many mouthpieces to flood the energetic thought streams with facts that support their agenda. Most people who have an opinion are merely susceptible to the influences of these thought streams. They have been duped by the power-mongers at a very subtle level. It is difficult to tell opinions from truth in ourselves but we can easily see evidence of them in radical groups who ruthlessly defend their causes. They are great teachers.

Knowing one’s truth means tuning into an awareness from within: using the body’s reactions to let you know whether or not something is true. It means not being swayed by labels or titles or political labels. It’s not being enthralled by dynamic people.It’s being able to discern within yourself whether someone is speaking truth or has an agenda by how your body responds to them.

Even better, it is formulating your own truth through listening to your invisible spirit guides and how they teach you. When you wake up, do you rush out of bed or do you lay there and ask the Universe to feed you truth? Do you stay present to the Universe, always ready to receive truth through no matter which channel it comes through? Are you even aware that there is Truth available for you to tap into? It is a truth custom-made to bypass your personal fears and slip past your trauma. Are you aware of the Universe’s support to help you be a mouthpiece for wisdom?

That is why I am eager to host Mastermind classes. I hate being in group settings and have suffered from power games. To me, this is what most groups are. People spend most of their time establishing who has the strongest opinions, presence, and persuasive abilities. They play games to see who will sway the group’s agenda. This egoic focus means that they are limited to the arena of the mind rather than spirit.

The mind has been revered because of past life trauma and ignorance that the mind rules in business. Business is the ruling faction in the world. If dynamic business people can retrain themselves to shift from mind to heart, it can bring about a quicker shift in the consciousness of the planet.

My classes can release the stagnant energy of the group, show them their own limitations, and help them realize that they will fail if they try to function as a typical power based group. We will be moving as a group toward a love based planet. I will help them see that those who succeed in the future are those who commit to a  win-win scenario for themselves and the whole. I will be able to quickly lop off the blinders that ego creates and expose the individuals to the terrifying stark nature of their own integrity.

It will entail releasing their own memories of being tortured for their truth, recanting vows to be submissive, shattering their preconceived notions, calling them on their bullshit and exposing their underlying desire to be loved and validated. The good ole boy days are over. There are dynamic abilities showing up in female energy that is eager to reestablish balance in the world.

Think of it this way, consider anything that male energy has ever stated as a limitation. Know that there is a higher truth than anything you have ever believed. The foundation of modern business is the lie that male energy is the superior source of information. Everything that all else that follows is based on that lie. It has been a glass ceiling on truth. We can go back to raping schoolgirls for wanting to better ourselves or we can accept the limitations of our own truth. I believe we are up to the challenge.

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