A Healing Couple’s Session

I recently had a remote phone session with a long time married couple. They are both individual clients so it was interesting to observe their dynamic together. They never discuss each other but I am have noticed long periods of brooding on his part and much over-compensation on her part. They are both good loving people who want so desperately to just love each other and live in harmony. That has not always been easy for them.

She has perceived him as heartless and unfeeling toward her. I could hear indifference in his voice. But what she didn’t know and what he was unable to tell her, is that her voice alone was very irritating to him. It was so irritating that even when he was in a good mood, it would drive him to near madness. And the more she tried to appease him, the more irritated he became. He knew he looked like a jerk but the only way to deal with this was to distance himself from her. The more he distanced himself, the harder she tried, which just exacerbated the situation. They were each in their own private hell.

To assist them, I led him through a series of EFT taps to remove arrogance from his energy field. The work is so thorough that I actually helped him remove arrogance from his sound frequency. In doing this series of taps, a past life that they shared revealed itself. He was a heartless slave overseer and she was in the pathetic state of begging for her life. He was whipping her and something about her begging got through to his humanity. It caught him off guard and he resented it. He showed her a hint of compassion but then ended up killing her in indifference. In the present life, that is the place her tone of voice takes him when ever she tries too hard.

With the wife, I assisted her in removing a heavy dose of submissiveness. In the present life, she has prided herself on being a dutiful loving wife. But that role is very submissive. So any time she interacted with her husband, she took on a passive role. It was so ingrained that her voice was infused with submission. Her voice did not reflect her elegant countenance. The contrast alone could be construed as infuriating.

The husband went to a lifetime of being a brute and he became angry all over again. In this life, they perpetually played out the overseer and the slave. When they squabbled as couples do, every time, he killed her figuratively with in indifference; just as he had done literally in the past. By giving them an understanding of this and removing submission from her sound frequency, we changed all this. By the end of the session, her voice tone was actually noticeably changed and the husband could hear the difference. He was very relieved and grateful.

We ended the session by giving them a vision to walk the path of God as equals. But I noticed during this, she was more focused on her husband than God. He validated this by telling me how she walks into him when they stroll together. I led her through a few taps where she released worshiping her husband. As he visualized walking through the doorway of truth, he was ignoring his wife altogether and saw the doorway as only big enough for one. We tweaked the doorway and I led him through a tap that took his blinders off to his wife. He was edging her out. It was a profound insight for both of them. In that moment, it felt that they were closer to each other than they had ever been in all their lifetimes.

There were many taps done for them separately but I had them do a few together. Here are the taps for a couple to do as one: (Say each statement three times while tapping on your head, and say it a fourth time while tapping on your chest.)

I make space in this world to be (partner’s name)’s equal, in all lifetimes.
I remove all blockages to being (partner’s name)’s equal, in all lifetimes.
I stretch my capacity to be (partner’s name)’s equal, in all lifetimes.
We repair and fortify our Wei Chi, in all lifetimes.
We are centered in Divine Love, in all lifetimes.

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