A Glimpse of One of My Spirit Guides

I just finished receiving a session with Skye Daniels. She is one of the very few I allow to do energy work on me. Our work together is very special. During the session, she was having me tap in some form of energetic change in my system that would assist me in being more empowered with my life and work here on the planet.

As we were both tapping an issue out, a man in construction garb passed my window. I saw him in the reflection of the TV. He walked right in front of my window. My cat Smudge saw him and went to the window. It was so curious that I went to the window to see what was going on. I live in the woods and my house is set back away. There was no evidence of him, or a truck or any disturbance outside.

When I mentioned it to Skye, she thought it was strange, too. She checked in and was told what I suspected. This was one of my Spirit Guides that had come to assist in my session. I know they are around and helping me, but to get an outer manifestation of one feels like a special occurrence.

As I write this, they are telling me that they are around all of your lives, working as diligently and professionally as workers in the natural physical realm. They say that you are seeing them and not noticing when this happens. They say it is time to take notice and stop doubting. You know what you know and don’t need outer validation of your truth. Embrace the connection. It is as natural as visiting with loved ones.

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