A Bubble of Pure Love

Some people may think I am abrupt or even rude when I engage them on social media. Let me try to explain. Holding a place of pure love in a world that gravitates towards negativity is a conscious thing. It is like holding an air bubble under water.

I hold space for everyone to join me in this bubble of pure love. There is pressure bracing against that space. To let them in, I have to be like a bouncer at the door. I make certain the lesser vibrations don’t inundate the space and collapse it.

Most people carry with them the vibrations of a lower nature just by being around in the world. It’s like when someone’s clothes smell like smoke after being with a smoker. Only so much can be allowed for the air to continue to be fresh.

They don’t know that. When I am abrupt, I am actually addressing that vibration. To the individual, it feels like their feelings are being hurt because a sheath of vibration is being stripped off. For me, it isn’t a conscious thing, and I do it energetically. But I am aware it is being done.

Sometimes it is protection for myself. When someone introduces a discussion, they are unconsciously trying to pull me down to the mental realms. I refuse to go. Some people are stuck in the mental realms and by going there with them, it is like going into a hostile environment. That is where they feel comfortable so they will try to pull people there. I refuse. When I was a child, I learned not to ride with pedophiles. It is a similar thing to me. Although sincere questions are a different vibration and are welcome.

Some people will quote someone else when I write an original quote. This is insulting to me because they are saying, “Your truth is not good enough. Now this person is saying something important. Everyone should listen to them.” Don’t they realize that truth is always more relevant in the now? In that way, what I am saying is more substantial. It is imbued in the now.

I get defensive when people have to back up their statement with a book. I prefer to listen to someone fumble around for their own truth rather than have a quote from someone else that got them closer to their truth.

When someone adds a link directing someone to another person’s page, it is sometimes offensive because it is like having a truthful conversation with a group of people and someone interrupts that truth and diverts everyone’s attention to what someone else is saying. It is no different from speaking and having someone interrupt and tell everyone to listen to someone else. Or it’s like crashing a party and telling everyone there is a better party somewhere else.

Anytime someone compares me to someone else, they are diminishing my specialness. I work diligently to stay in the highest truth. I live like a monk and guard my actions and thoughts continuously. Apparently, I live to serve others. There really is no other Joy. I feel alone and separate in this. I have healed so many people in ways that are not socially accepted for them to even admit. My assistance drastically changes lives, and even saves them, in ways society does not allow anyone to accept. So when someone casually says that they know someone who does what I do, it is a diminishing statement. It is dismissive of all that I have endured to serve in this humbling way.

I only explain because I don’t want people to think that I don’t love them because I protect my truth. I would hope that others would do the same thing in their life. It takes constant awareness to be a bubble of love in this world. I hold that intention for all others to do the same. If you can be supported in that, that is wonderful. But if you can do it with little outer support, that makes it so much sweeter. I support you in this. You are Joy, Love, Abundance, Beauty, Health, and Wholeness to me. To see you as any less would do you a disservice.

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