Inner Peace 4 World Peace

Join us on Wed. Aug 20th at 8pm ET via phone, Skype or webcast for a powerful 90-minute healing session facilitated by Jen Ward to deepen your inner peace and the peace on Earth.

The purpose of the teleconference is to help people be comfortable in their lives.  The more people who enjoy inner peace, the more that the collective consciousness (the World and all it is inhabitants) will experience peace as well. Please invite everyone to this event. Let them listen in and be a part of it. They don’t have to believe to benefit from it.

Some may scoff at even trying to make a change. To me, it seems silly to sit back and do nothing to uplift humanity. Maybe all the world needs is for all of us to shift out of complacency. Why not try to change the world for the better? Don’t the children of the world and of all ages deserve that? What is the point of being here as a group if we don’t use our gifts to benefit each other?

I am able to feel stagnant energy, convert it to sound and move it out of an individual. I have many people who have benefited from my assistance. This teleconference is me doing the same thing, but for a group of people; maybe the whole world.
Please join us. Please share. Please know you matter!

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