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Strengthening Your Energetic Sea Legs

Psychic energies are sticky and manipulative. They seem to have an agenda of their own and can be intimidating and confuse someone into doing things that are not in their best interest. They are not to be played with or dealt with by novices. It is true that the best way for someone to deal […]

Open Letter to DCCC or How the Democratic National Party is Playing “Chicken” with Our Country


Dear DCCC,

You keep sending me e-mails asking for my support and a donation. You are using scare tactics of how devastating a world with Trump as president will be. You try to shame me into giving more support to you by telling me that President Obama and even Michele and Vice president Joe […]

The Difference Between Apathy and Detachment

So many people who follow a spiritual path have been practicing apathy and calling it detachment. This is just another way to maintain a level of denial yet do it while touting superiority. They will think that by being disinterested in the plight of others that they have achieved a great level of awareness. They […]